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Whether you are the Owner, Construction Manager or General Contractor of a project, you will find Tri-Steel, Inc. to be an excellent company to work with. We have the manpower, experience and equipment that will ensure your project’s success. Our professionally trained crews come fully prepared to complete the job with speed, efficiency and safety.

Tri-Steel Inc. is a signatory contractor with Ironworkers Local Union No.25. Tri Steel Inc. provides structural steel erection. We have been servicing our customers for over 40 years. We have continued to provide the highest quality work with the most demanding work standards. Our field personnel are proud experienced members of Iron Workers Local 25.

Tri-Steel Inc. offers the strongest leadership teams and the highest quality workmanship.


Tri-Steel Inc. believes that no job or task is more important than a workers health and safety.

If a job represents a potential safety or health threat, every effort will be made to plan a safe way to do the task.

Every procedure must be a safe procedure.  Shortcuts in safe procedures by either foreman or workers will not be tolerated.

If a worker observes any unprotected job, which may pose a potential threat to their health or safety, he or she must inform management and management must take adequate precautions.

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Safety and Health Objectives

As a company, Tri-Steel Inc. plans to achieve worker safety and health through the following:

A. Using a qualified safety person.
B. Making regular job site safety inspections.
C. Enforcing the use of safety equipment.
D. Following safety procedures and rules.
E. Providing on-going safety training.
F. Enforcing safety rules and using appropriate discipline.

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